Proceedings of the Interagency Workshop on Lighter than Air Vehicles (1975)

1975 book on Proceedings of the Interagency Workshop on Lighter Than Air Vehicles - Joseph F. Vittek Editor

Today's version is the Stealth TR3B sighed by many people around the world as Triangular Craft and mistaken for Alien Technology. The TR3B is much more advanced than this 1975 version. TR3B has added Stealth and advanced propulsion systems. Ships can be built to extremely large Sizes up to a mile in length and carry very large loads to any place on Earth.

Erano cose gia' note e gia' dette in Modelli Ufologici Quantitativi (v6.5) nel capitolo 27-differenze tra tecnologia aliena e tecnologia terrestre. Fa pero' sempre piacere, trovare un filmato in youtube che dice le stesse cose, citando un libro edito dalla NASA, CIA, MIT sulle "stealth blimp"

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